Welcome to Helmina Studio

In 2020 I renovated an old dollhouse that belonged to my daughter. When that project was almost complete I realized that since she has an aquarium at home, the dollhouse also needed one. Helmina Studio was born!

My aquariums are hand made. I start by making the fish tank from sheets of plexiglass. Because of this, I can customize the aquarium to the size you want . . in miniature of course!
I make the whimsical fish with polymer clay and the plants from various materials. When I’m finished setting the scene I pour an epoxy resin into the tank. Once that dries I custom make each cover and wire the USB circuit. If you would prefer a small battery pack for your light, I can do that also.

Hand-crafted fish and aquarium plants set in resin make a fantastic and original gift for your aquarium loving friends. I’ve had my customers use them as nightlights too! Either way, these miniature pieces of art are irresistible.

You can purchase a miniature aquarium at Etsy or contact me directly for a custom piece.
The images below link to the Etsy page.



NOTE: The aquariums are intended for decorative use only. They are not considered toys.